With limited space and harsh winter weather, indoor pools are a popular option for Manhattan property owners. Aside from the obvious benefits of year-round swimming and privacy, indoor pools offer flexibility in design and use. Many indoor pool owners choose to include complimentary amenities in their designs, like poolside showers, steam rooms, and saunas as well as entertainment features like poolside bars and lounging areas.

High-End Indoor Pools

The ideal indoor pool is created to make use of natural light for warmth and ambiance, but in many Manhattan structures, this is not always possible. In such cases, we can utilize a range of design elements to simulate an outdoor pool experience, including sun lamps, false windows, indoor landscaping, and custom scenery murals.

While the engineering and construction requirements of an indoor pool are unique, our team of specialists are experienced in accommodating these demands in tight and hard to reach spaces. From brownstones and walkthroughs to basements and penthouses- we have the specialized skills and experience to create an indoor aquatic experience within virtually any urban setting.